Title:10 Times Gordon Ramsay Ate EXOTIC FOOD!
Published:10 March 2018
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Can you think of 10 Times Gordon Ramsay Ate EXOTIC FOOD? Gordon Ramsay is known for eating almost anything and everything. Over the years we have seen Ramsay travel to several exotic locations on Gordon's Great Escape to try local food. On several occasions on The F Word, Gordon Ramsay would sample food from around the world in his restaurant and in other locations. Gordon Ramsay: Shark Bait was a one-hour special where Gordon investigates the history, culture, and controversy surrounding the shark fishing industry. Some of the exotic food consumed is the most disgusting dishes ever served to Chef Gordon Ramsay. Others dishes are surprisingly delicious.

Gordon Ramsay is an adventurous eater that won’t back off from trying ANY food, no matter how it looks …or smells!

If you think you could stomach the exotic foods that Gordon Ramsay ate in this video, then comment #ExoticFood

0:37 A Fresh Snake’s Heart
2:07 The Rotten Shark
3:41 Finger-Lickin' Tarantulas
4:51 Chutney With A Special Ingredient
6:25 The Worlds Most Dangerous Cheese
8:03 Duck Fetus Straight From Of The Street
9:37 An Eye For An Eye
11:08 On The Hunt For A Meal
12:40 Pigeon Hunt
14:07 Shark Fin Soup

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