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    You Rock My World, which was easy in 2001, from the album Invincible.

    There are three versions of the single mixed by Jay-Z, Adil Omar and Bern Jam. The latest version is a version Berna Jam Salsa.

    The single was promoted with an award-winning music video clip, in the style of Michael, who remembers one of his best music video for the single "Smooth Criminal", the gangster dance choreography. The video contained Marlon Brando.

    The video for the song "You Rock My World" was released in Europe, Asia and South Africa on September 21, 2001. Since the attacks in the United States September 11, 2001, its release was to September 26, 2001.

    Like many of the videos of Michael, this is a short film based on a story written by Michael and Paul Hunter. The story is that Michael and Chris Tucker are an attractive woman (played by actress and choreographer Kishaya Dudley) and follow it to a nightclub full of gangsters (called The Waterfront Hotel, referring to the famous movie where Marlon Brando was the protagonist , who plays the club owner in this video). Obviously, they are not welcome there, because it seems that the woman had a man (played by Michael Madsen). However, Michael is determined to meet you.

    The cast also includes Michael's friend, Frank Tyson (who appears only in one scene). The video won a NAACP Image Award for Best Music Video in 2001. There are shorter versions of the video. There is also a longer version that includes more dialogue between Tucker and Michael in which, so subtle, include other artist song names such as "Pretty Young Thing (PYT)", "The Girl Is Mine" "Beat It "or" Dangerous ".

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