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    Tashiru, deriving from an Arabic word meaning "awaken" which aims to spread out positive energy in life, encourage people to always strive and awaken no matter how hard life can be (and this is reflected in its softly reminding lyrics), is a modern nasheed singing team from Bandung. Founded in 2004, the team consist of Okke, Ujo, Iday, Abbey (vocalists), and Ipan (guitarist).
    To this very day, the team that was also one of the striving participants of a talent show called Indonesia Mencari Bakat aired on Trans TV has been producing 3 albums: Optimis Sajalah (2004), Special Edition Repackage Album Optimis Sajalah (2006), and Ada Untukmu (2016). Basically, the genre presented by the group is RnB Pop so that the music sounds more "universal" to its listeners; however, Tashiru never ceases to explore its music in an attempt to adjust to the development and needs of music industry itself so that the team can come up with a variety of performances (full band, acapella, acoustic, etc.). Thus, in its career for about 12 years, Tashiru has been performing both off air and on air in such events as concerts (nasheed or non-nasheed-related), seminars (national and international), graduations, company meetings and gatherings, and so on.

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