The Flash Travels to Earth Thirty Eight and Returns to Earth One

  • Diupload pada 14 Mei 2016

    WOW 10,000 VIEWS??!! Whoa, that's the first, thank you all for the support :)

    I've never seen anyone that has taken the time to make a montage that shows The Flash actually travelling to Supergirl's Earth. We saw in Versus Zoom (The Flash 2x18) Barry running so fast that he went through a portal, that portal sent him to Supergirl, and if you remembered in the Supergirl episode "Worlds Finest", Barry just appeared from a portal, said portal was, as mentioned, in Versus Zoom. In Worlds Finest, we also see Kara sending Barry back home and in Versus Zoom we see Barry running out of the portal. So I just merged scenes from both episodes, I thought it would look cool and further show was actually happened.

    The scenes are a merger between the episode Versus Zoom from The Flash Season 2 and Supergirl's Worlds Finest from Season 1. All credit goes to The CW and Warner Bros. Please support both TV shows.

    Channel Yoshidraco S.A.

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