5 Dead People Rumored To Be Alive!

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    So when a beloved celebrity dies, it's almost guaranteed that some kind of conspiracy theory regarding their death will start.
    While many are around the circumstances of their death, others can go as far as to them not being dead at all.
    So in this list ill be showing you 5 famous people who may have faked their own death.

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    5) Andy Kaufman
    Andy Kaufman was one of the most popular comedians in the 70's & 80's.
    He was probably most famous for his pranks & recurring role on the popular show Taxi.
    However in 1984, he sadly passed away from lung cancer.
    While most people accept he really is dead there are a few skeptics.
    For example his own brother Michael has claimed he got a letter from Andy stating he is still alive and that he has seen video footage of him in New Mexico.
    While no one knows how true these claims are they obviously aren't substantial evidence as letters & video footage can be manipulated.
    He was notorious for pulling pranks such as broadcasting static on TV to trick viewers into thinking their TV set was not working.
    Couple that with him stating that faking his own death would be the ultimate prank and you have enough to get people seriously thinking he might still be alive.

    4) Michael Jackson
    We all know Michael Jackson and just how loved he was among his fans.
    Therefore when he passed away in 2009 a lot of conspiracies about him still being alive popped up.
    This was fueled by TMZ posting a video that went viral that supposedly shows Michael walking out of the coroners van after his death.
    Multiple other sightings and proof videos have popped up claiming to have spotted Michael out and about and even at his own funeral.
    While there hasn't been any substantial evidence and most proof videos are very debatable there's still a large amount of people who truly believe Michael may still be alive.
    If he did fake his own death then his doctor Conrad Murray really did get screwed over as he got a 4 year prison sentence for involuntary manslaughter.

    3) Adolf Hitler
    The official story states that Hitler committed suicide with his wife Eva Braun as the Red Army entered into Berlin.
    His body along with his wife and dogs were burnt, and only were identified through dental records.
    Since there were no living witnesses to Hitlers death and because of the immediate destruction of his body, its raised some red flags throughout history.
    After all Hitler was the ruler of Nazi Germany, therefore he was more than capable of pulling off such an elaborate plan, especially amongst the havoc and destruction of war.
    There are many different stories of what could of happened, however the most popular is that he fled to South America.
    Evidence to support this are eye witness accounts, declassified documents, & the claim has some logic behind it.
    While there will always be a debate on the subject and its one that raises good points on both sides, one thing we can be certain about is that he's most definitely dead now.

    2) Elvis Presley
    Known as the king of rock and roll he passed away in 1977 due to a heart attack caused from having taken a cocktail of prescription drugs.
    When he died millions of people around the world mourned but as time went by people started asking questions.
    For example his tombstone misspells his middle name Aron.
    Reports of a helicopter landing at his estate just before his body was discovered has caused people to believe that was his escape plan.
    and apparently his life insurance policy was never claimed.
    While none of these points actually prove anything, I can certainly understand how they could spark conspiracies.

    1) Tupac Shakur
    Tupac Shakur was a legend and ahead of his time.
    However in 1996 he was killed in a drive by shooting and the killers have never been caught.
    At least that's the official story.
    Right after his death rumors of him being alive started to circulate, and as time has gone on, more and more bits of evidence have been popping up.
    To name all the evidence fans have collected would literally take hours, that gives you an idea of just how big this topic is.
    A few major points are that his last photo shows a wrong date, no keys in the cars ignition and claims it could have been photoshopped.
    The images of the crime scene show a different car to the one he was in.
    Eye witnesses stating he was air lifted to hospital when the official report states he was driven.
    His coroners report stating a wrong body weight.
    Countless references to faking his death in his lyrics, and his former boss Suge Knight saying on camera that he was still alive.

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